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Woooow. That was...really good. It was funny without being too ridiculous, and serious without being too full of itself.
Can't wait to watch more!

Good preview. When's the real thing come out? :)

The Legend is complete. Thank you for this. The wait was worth it.

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Amazing animation, especially on the transitions and small physics details. I can't wait to see where you take it. Also, I agree with pretty much all the criticisms below, and I got to say that it needed more variety between the different dudes, rather than just adding another option or two on for every new scene.
And I got to say I approve of the deepthroat cumshot. It seems that the whole "cum through/out nose" deal is becoming a lot more commonplace in hentai. I wish we could see more of it in real life, though. Lol.
Good job, dude.

Posivitive Feedback!!!

Make more Ucogi games!!!
Also, it would be nice to have a "THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!" moment and exploit Alice, finally.
Anyways, I really enjoyed this. Thanks a lot!

Keep it up!

Veinom responds:

its sooo hard to exploit Alice!

Very Awesome.

If this could be made into a doom-style 3D environment with these visuals and this awesome engine (and without the mouse going outside of the window), then...yes. Very...very...very yes. Good job! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Keep it up!

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This has a very strong Alan Wake vibe about it. And that, to me, is, emotionally, an extremely grand compliment. Alan Wake was one of the most moving games I've ever played, and half of that was due to the music. And you have managed to create something on the same caliber with this piece.

This is so indescribably badass.
I love you, man. \m/

This is an absolutely awesome soundscape you've created. Especially how it totally captures a lot of that classic 80's action sound, but in HD!
And you're on the Popular Music section of NG, finally! Hope this happens more often, man!

Keep making awesome things and keep sharing them with us!

Devastus responds:

I went in and out of there so fast that I didn't even get to see it haha.

I'll try my best at keeping at it, many things have been for projects currently which means I can't really submit 'em anywhere, which has severely halted my activity around places.

Considering how often projects don't really seem to move anywhere, I should probably concentrate more on my own shit anyway :P

Thanks for the feedback man!

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Very good aesthetically-driven high fantasy. I love it!

beekart responds:

Thank you so much! :)

Woah. Judy, what happened?

Good work!

I like how it manages to ve thematically abstract, while being artisticaply specific. Like, it can mean a lot of different things, but it's more than just a bunch of streaks and bloches on a canvas.
I really like it. Good job!

HenLP responds:

You're giving me too much credit.

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