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This has a very strong Alan Wake vibe about it. And that, to me, is, emotionally, an extremely grand compliment. Alan Wake was one of the most moving games I've ever played, and half of that was due to the music. And you have managed to create something on the same caliber with this piece.

This is so indescribably badass.
I love you, man. \m/

This is an absolutely awesome soundscape you've created. Especially how it totally captures a lot of that classic 80's action sound, but in HD!
And you're on the Popular Music section of NG, finally! Hope this happens more often, man!

Keep making awesome things and keep sharing them with us!

Devastus responds:

I went in and out of there so fast that I didn't even get to see it haha.

I'll try my best at keeping at it, many things have been for projects currently which means I can't really submit 'em anywhere, which has severely halted my activity around places.

Considering how often projects don't really seem to move anywhere, I should probably concentrate more on my own shit anyway :P

Thanks for the feedback man!

Dwarf Fortress rules! And this song...dang. It does the game justice. Gotta wait a bit for the visuals to progress some before music like this can be fittingly included in the game! Hope they keep you in mind. :)

Pretty sweet, dude!

The way you mix the drums is almost exactly the same way Brendon Small mixed his in the first couple seasons of Metalocalypse. Very odd. Not bad, just hard to figure out the setup. It's almost like to sets of bass drums doing different things (like the double kick at the end with the louder kick on the down beat). Anyways, good to hear a familiar tune. But you might want to consider using Daven Hughes guitar synth setup in the Tesseract file on older FL Studios (7, I think). Modify that baby, and you'll have something that outshines FL Slayer in every respect.

Dude...stop being so fucking amazing! Lol. Very good job with this. It sounded like you had fun venting. Also, I would listen to supermario456 about the mixing. I made the same mistake with my project for Sound Production class. Was doing audio for video and did intricate panning effects and cool crap, but you couldn't tell without the badass stereo headphones or a really good sound system. >_>
<self_advertising>PM me if you want to see/hear it. It's pretty cool.</self_advertising>
Anyways, still a really good job you did.

Keep it up!

>_< YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was cool. Very good guitar skills!

Keep it up!

Wow. I think I can hear some Dethklok/Brendon Small influence in there at time(lol)s.
This was very different for you, but still amazing, nonetheless. \m/

Metaljonus responds:

I love me some DethKlok! Thanks for listening dude! I'll be sure to check out your music on SoundCloud.

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